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The Marlow Wine Society was started by a small group of enthusiasts around thirty years ago and is still thriving with 25 -30 members attending each tasting. Its objective is to help members learn more about the world of wine expand the range of wines they can enjoy. The tastings allow members to become familiar with the characteristics of different grapes and understand how these are influenced by where they’re grown and how they’re made.

At each monthly meeting a presentation is given by either a local or online wine merchant or by a member, where eight wines typically costing between £7 and £25 per bottle are sampled. Occasionally there is the opportunity to taste more premium "famous name" wines. The bouquet and taste of each wine is usually the subject of some lively debate, with the wines being ranked in popularity at the end of the evening.


Most wines tasted are available locally or online so you can enjoy any new discoveries at home.



At each meeting eight wines are chosen by the presenter(s) based on the theme of the evening's tasting.


The theme is often defined by a country or area, but can also be comparative, e.g. the wines are made using the same grape but from different geographies or using different wine making processes. Sometimes wines are chosen because they are unusual or interesting, or simply because they’re “absolutely fabulous”!



Wine Tasting


The wines are presented in sequence with usually with four whites followed by four reds, sometimes varied by the inclusion of sparking or dessert wines


As each of the wines is poured, the presenter gives background information about, for instance the methods used to make the wine, the grapes, the climate, the geography of the land where the grapes are grown, the winery etc.  There is plenty to talk about! and learn!

Members are invited to taste the wine and comment on the characteristics they get from the wine in terms of the appearance, the nose and taste.

The cost of the wine is not revealed during the discussion, to make sure that it doesn’t influence the society's assessment and members are invited to gauge the price at the end. Sadly no prizes for the closest though!

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