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Tuesday 22nd November - Wine Buff's Bluff
A light-hearted variation on TV panel games old and new. Eight wines will be tasted blind, each accompanied by three definitions of what the wines might be.
Members in teams will taste, discuss then make their choices with the points scored each round leading to the evening's champions!


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Wednesday 14th December - Christmas Party

Champagne and canapés will be followed by a a tempting buffet, accompanied by an interesting range of wines, most of which have been selected from previous tastings.


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Wednesday 25th April - Grape Expectations - Wines from Italy

A return visit from Marlow's independent specialist merchant, with a blind tasting, showcasing fine examples from their extensive range of Italian wines.


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Tuesday 28th February - Novel Wines

A third visit from Novel Wines who seek out wines from the most unusual places, supplied by passionate small producers and community cooperatives.


Tuesday 26th September - MajesticHigh Wycombe

A return visit to the society from the UK's only nationwide specialist wine merchant. A theme  is under development which will be chosen which to exploit their very wide range


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Tuesday 31st October - Trick or Treat

Members Rachel & CJ will present a Halloween.  themed tasting. Four pairs of wines will be tasted blind, with teams deciding which is the trick cheaper wine and which is the more expensive treat.



Tuesday 21st November - Tasting Masterclass

A educational, but entertaining evening learning about why wines they taste the way they do and how to best taste them

The eight wines supporting the evening will be sourced from Waitrose.

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Wednesday 13th December - Christmas Party

An opportunity to socialise, with a delicious buffet accompanied by some of the favourite wines tasted by the society during the year.

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