Tuesday 30th August - Majestic: New Zealand
A long awaited return to the society by Majestic of High Wycombe. This specialist national chain, with well trained staff who are passionate about wine, has extensive ranges from many parts of the world.
Their presentation will be a selection of white and red wines from New Zealand where Old World varietals thrive in their New World climate - and not a Sauvignon Blanc in sight!

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Tuesday 27th September - Joie de Vin: Wines from France

Joie de Vin is an independent, online merchant run by owners
Tim and Jill North. Their range of French Wines all come from vineyards where they have a personal relationship with the winemaker, cultivated during Tim's 18 years working in the industry in France.

They will be presenting a selection of eight hand-picked wines

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Tuesday 25th October -  Matching Wine With Cheese


Cheese and wine is a popular combination but getting the right wine to complement a cheese is not as straighforward as it might seem. Port is the classic pairing for blue cheese, but some say that a white dessert wine goes better?

Members Jack Kennelly and Natalie Shelley will help us learn more about how to bet the perfect pairing...


Tuesday 22nd November - Wine Man's Bluff (or Would Wine Lie to You?)
A light-hearted variation on TV panel games old and new. Eight wines will be tasted blind, each accompanied by three definitions of what the wines might be.

Members in teams will, taste, discuss and make their choices with the points scored each round leading to the evening's champions!

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Wednesday 14th December - Christmas Party

Need we say more!